Being A Member of the Branch

The Branch relies on the membership contributions to support the ongoing efforts of the Santa Cruz / Monterey Bay of the Anthroposophical Society in America as well as the broader local community of individuals drawn to the teachings of Rudolf Steiner.


Membership funds support the Branch’s ability to continue to promote and produce events and programs featuring speakers and workshop leaders from the world wide Anthroposophical community; to host the monthly membership meetings; to support the ongoing communication through email, newsletters, mailings, and online; to support the ongoing work of the First Class and its Readers; and to be confident and financially sound in planning to continue these efforts in the coming years.


Our requested annual support level is : $40 annually or $4 monthly (automatically billed each month – $48 annually).


Family membership (two or more members in the same household) is $60.00.


Please select the button that corresponds to the type of membership you wish:


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We welcome two kinds of members: dues paying members and mailing list or “associate” members.  Sign up for our mailing list and receive the latest updates from the Branch. subscribe to our mailing list You may unsubscribe at any time.

Monthly Membership ($4 per month)

Annual Single Payment ($40 one time annually)

Family Single Payment ($60 one time annually)


If you wish to make an annual donation in the amount other than the amount requested, please enter the desired amount here.  It will be credited as your annual membership donation.