Welcome to the Santa Cruz/Monterey Bay Branch of the Anthroposophical Society in America.
We are comprised of individuals from diverse backgrounds united by the common thread
of Anthroposophy as founded by Rudolf Steiner. (Read more…)


John Bloom and an Exploration of the Threefold Social Order

On the weekend of January 27/28 the Santa Cruz & Monterey Bay Branch is hosting a double event at Paloma Hall, 4096 Fairway Drive, Soquel:

On Friday, January 27 at 7.00 pm, John Bloom, recently appointed General Secretary of the Anthroposophical Society in America, will meet with members, sharing his tasks and outlook for the Society. He will answer any questions that we might have for him. This is a wonderful opportunity for us to visit with and connect with our new General Secretary who lives in San Francisco.

On Saturday, January 28 from 10.00 am to 4.00 pm, there will be a one-day event: – “An exploration of the Threefold Social Order”. John Bloom, whose work is with the RSF Social Finance, Gary Lamb from the Avalon Initiative, a Waldorf inspired Education Think Tank and John Baring, ex banker & of Camphill will each share their experiences in working with the indications of Rudolf Steiner related to the Threefold Social Order and what they have learned over the years.

Together with their contributions, there will be question times, conversations and Eurythmy.

This is a chance for many of us to try and grasp what Rudolf Steiner was putting into the world in the fields of social policy and social works as well as social economics.

For a detailed program, click here.

Requested contribution for the workshop – $15

Biography Workshop With Karen Apana: Exploring the Seven Year Cycle

A Workshop With Karen Apana, Ph. D.

March 3rd and 4th,, 2017


Paloma Hall

3920 Fairway Drive, Soquel, California




In this two-day biography workshop Karen will lead participants through an exploration of childhood and adult development using the lens of the seven year cycle.  Through this life review, we unearth emerging life themes that can illuminate one’s purpose and direction for the future.

We will chart significant markers in our lives, such as births, deaths, divorces, geographical moves and career shifts, and reflect on the possible meaning of these events for our spiritual development.  Biographies will be shared as we are willing.

Karen has been teaching biography work for over 25 years and has a private practice for biography counseling in San Francisco.  She has taught in Waldorf teacher training programs and has been a high school teacher and mentor.  Karen has been a student of Rudolf Steiner for over 40 years.

Workshop Hours: 7PM – 9 PM Friday, March 3rd, 9AM – 4PM Saturday, March 4th

Workshop  fee: $45

For registration, please contact:


For general information, please contact: